Dr. Eric Schneider, BSE, MS, Ph.D.

Dr. Schneider has a long association with Information Technology and Education. He earned his bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 1985. After working at the University on early wide area network technology, he relocated to the University of California, Irvine, to pursue his doctoral degree in Physics, which he earned in 1997. Dr. Schneider has a wide range of expertise in computing, from microprocessor/microcontroller design to data warehousing. Dr. Schneider currently holds the position of Assistant Vice President of Equity Trading Systems for the Capital Group Companies. His focus is on equity trading data analysis and presentation and information system architecture. He is a strong proponent of higher education, whether in the workplace or the university, and has led courses in Java/J2EE technologies, and mentored many associates in relational database design, SQL query writing and tuning, web application development, and new object oriented programming paradigms such as inversion of control/dependency injection, aspect oriented programming, and object-relational mapping technologies. Back To Top

Raymond Quon

Raymond Quon joins us with 25 years of experience in Information Technology. He is currently an IT Manager for the US Government for 10 years. He’s experience includes working as a consultant for General Electric IT Solutions and has done a residency with IBM co-authoring a Redbook. He was part of the development team for the first North American Stock Exchange trade floor to be automated, the Vancouver Stock Exchange. Back To Top